Monday, April 4, 2011

Fucked Up - 'The Other Shoe'

It was never going to be easy for Fucked Up to match their genre defying, 2008 release “The Chemistry of Common Life.” Regarded as one of the best “hardcore punk” albums of the last decade” Fucked Up managed to combine genial flutes, tribal bongos, heavy distortion and a front man with a voice that may have been attained through eating shards of broken glass. This superbly executed, unique concoction earned the band the 2009 ‘Polaris Music Prize’ for “The Chemistry of Common Life”. The first single “The Other Shoe” off their upcoming album “David Comes to Life” is perhaps the band’s most pop-driven song to date. However, the playful bar chords and angelic female vocalist are shrouded by front man Damian Abraham, belting his own brand of powerful, gritty vocals as he always does. ‘The Other Shoe’ proves that Fucked Up certainly have the potential to eclipse the benchmark set on ‘The Chemistry of Common Life’. Mark down the 7th of June in your calendar when the album ‘David Comes to Life’ is released through Matador records.

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